The stories I’m told

I love my work.

A large part of what I do is story-telling, and when those stories are customer case studies, I get to talk to my clients’ customers about their businesses, their challenges and their passions.

Some of those are not my tales to tell here. They involve the use of clients’ products or services to generate competitive advantage or to solve internal issues. In other cases though, I’m introduced to businesses doing remarkable things and people whose passion simply shines through the conversation. And, I end up becoming a customer.

Here are a few of my favourites from the last few year:

Elle Smith

Elle is an artist, working mostly in watercolour. She paints wildlife with a deft use of colour that brings the creatures to life. What she paints, she sells on eBay and has built a thriving business.

My favourites are the birds:


Oliver Sean

What a lovely, multi-talented guy: a musician, composer, record producer and film-maker. I should probably add entrepreneur. I particularly enjoyed his album So Good and a new release, New York. For something more seasonal, he has also just released an EP, Unplugged Christmas.

Oliver Sean,New York

Nudie Jeans

An ethical denim company with a passion for the unique qualities of properly aged denim. Among the services it offers are a free repair service, a recycling and reselling service for old jeans, and a clear audit trail so that customers can trace the sustainable materials and production methods the firm uses.


Another company where the passion shines through. Mackmyra is the multi-award winning originator of Swedish, single-malt whisky. Available around the world.


And, of course, there have been many more: businesses started to serve the needs of children with rare requirements, businesses founded on a passion for purity , or a lifestyle. What I love most is hearing these stories from businesses I might never have encountered otherwise.

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