Here I Am

Nearly two months?  That’s a bit naughty but I have a long list of excuses.  August was crazy with travel, two weeks holiday in Turkey…DSCF0300-fix followed by another trip to the Gulf (Dubai, Bahrain and Oman).  In the midst of all that I was arranging for my departure from Microsoft after seven fun-packed years.  September has been equally packed with sleeping, catching up on my reading and music and adopting two kittens – Scamp and Serenity. 

The kittens came with two pre-programmed modes: Standby and Peel-Me-Off-The-Curtains.  Standby occurs preferably on laps but also, with descending preference, on the cosiest part of the sofa, the top of the stairs or in the kitten basket.  The PMOC mode engages in random 45 minute bursts and involves determined attempts at fratricide, chewing every cable in sight, swinging from the curtains and seeing how far up the curtains they can get before being spotted and exiled back to the utility room.  They are, of course, adorable Kittens 015 and not in the least indulged.  And yes, the three-storey, five foot high scratching post and kitten-gym will look fine in the living room, thank you.

Also in September, Captain Sonos arrived and, as anticipated, I now have music everywhere.  As we speak, it’s Dylan’s classic Blonde on Blonde in the bedroom (still an excellent, timeless album), Live’s Secret Samadhi and John Martyn’s Solid Air in the kitchen.  Naturally, I’m home alone and I know I have only one ear but the kittens are very musical (I believe their mother is descended from Al Stewart).  The television – in that spooky fashion of inanimate objects – has taken a sulk and broken down, I suspect terminally.

All of that said, I have now woken from my month’s slumber and it’s time to be planning for the future like a Spring-crazed squirrel.  More soon.

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