A Post-Bureaucratic World

I’ve just come across this TED talk, dating from February 2010, by David Cameron (now, of course, the UK’s Prime Minister but at the time Leader of the Opposition).  In it, he discusses three themes of interest:

  • Firstly, that governments everywhere have run out of money.  His question, “How do we make things better without spending money?” resonates through to the ideas of Big Society and to the theme of…
  • Behavioural Economics which was the subject of a recent article in the Independent which I referenced previously.
  • Thirdly, (actually secondly in his flow) was the idea of the world in a post-bureaucratic age in which power has moved from local (pre-bureaucratic) or central (bureaucratic) to People.

The concept of a post-bureaucratic age of people power is, perhaps, a political perspective on what has been called the Hybrid Organisation or Shamrock organisation in business and the Sovereign Individual in socio-economic terms.

The talk (14 minutes) is worth a listen as another proof-point that the world is inexorably moving to greater individuality: individual power and individual responsibility.

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