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I am indebted to Bruce Lynn for a unique interpretation of the Burning Pine concept and logo. 

Bruce is General Manager for Red Bee Piero who lead the field in “3D analysis technology for televised sporting events”; very cool software.  We know each other from when we worked together at Microsoft but between those roles, Bruce founded Dynamic Work, a consultancy which helped organisations to re-think the utility of their office space and their approach to work in general; very much in line with the concepts of the hybrid organisation and the “new world of work”.  We share a passionate belief in the changes which technology has enabled and which economics, demographics and environmental concerns are now driving.  As I’ve suggested before, the ramifications of this change is enormous and will impact every aspect of “life as we know it”.

Bruce and I had lunch together last week and I am very grateful to him for his generosity in sharing his experience and thoughts.  One concept which particularly resonated with me was the relationship between Relationship and Authority in winning new business.  It’s a topic which Bruce discussed in a guest blog post for Purple Cow Ideas: “How to Win Customers (Old and New)”.  I think is especially relevant to anyone embarking on a freelancing / sovereign professional / portfolio career.  Essential reading.

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