Innovative Approach to Presentation Training – Presentation Gym

Here’s an innovative solution to the perennial dread of making presentations.

Presentation Gym – founded by an ex-colleague of mine from Microsoft days, Peter Hall – uses the best web-technology to allow individuals to record themselves practicing their pitches in their own time: ideal, if you can only squeeze in an hour between 9:00 and 10:00 pm.  Having recorded the pitch, you then upload it for feedback from one of a global team of 30 coaches. Presentation Gym offers either a self-paced training course or a point solution aimed at supporting particularly important one-off situations.

The company is already boasts a major global company on its books but I think the solution is also particularly apt for freelancers.  Sovereign professionals can face a unique set of challenges when it comes to both training and to critical moments like making presentations:

  • Stakes – if the presentation in question is a sales pitch, then the stakes are high.  A good presentation can be the difference between winning new business and going home empty-handed.
  • Support – support networks are critical for freelancers but even so, it can be a lonely life, where you can miss the casual support offered by colleagues.
  • Investment – Finding the time, and trading off the opportunity cost, to do training is essential but challenging.  Often, when business is good, it is hard to make time for training; and when times are slower, it can be hard to spend money.

The video here offers more information on this innovative solution:


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