The artist as entrepreneur #writing

Just an important reminder from Steven Pressfield:

“Step One, it seems to me, is to recognize that all of us–writers, artists, filmmakers, actors, musicians–are entrepreneurs.

We don’t work for the Man.

We work for ourselves.

These are two completely different modes of operating in the world and of thinking about ourselves.

No one guarantees her an income. No one provides daily structure. No one motivates her, no one mentors her, no one pats her on the back.”

Read the rest, here, then quietly tuck away any arty preciousness to which you may still cling.

It reminds me also of an article on Albrecht Dürer from the Economist back in 2011. I blogged it back then, here.

From the Economist piece:

“He was not even a member of a guild, for there were no artists’ guilds in the city: he was a free individual, unaffiliated, making money and a reputation purely for himself.”

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