The power of parliamentary assertiveness, reformation radicalism and Lockean liberalism – Michael Gove

Michael Gove has a thoughtful column in today’s Times (requires free registration).

It echoes an argument I’ve heard in a few places over recent months; broadly that we – the liberal, democratic, West – need to be prepared to assert and defend our beliefs. Indeed, need to assert that these are our deep-rooted and long-standing beliefs.

“it is not enough to offer a managerialist defence of the West as an arena of greater economic opportunity. We have to do more than promote a vision of a borderless future in which we all become even better at getting and spending.

“We are social animals not units of production. We achieve nobility and find significance in making sacrifices for others and winning their respect. That depends on a sense of shared belonging — membership of a community and belief in a culture. But if one culture is confident and the other apologetic; if, as Osama bin Laden put it, one horse is strong and the other weak, people will follow the strong horse.

“If we want to counter the appeal of Islamism then we need a revival of cultural confidence across the West, a willingness to defend not just our borders but, even more critically, our values.”

My previous, fairly high, regard for Mr Gove was almost terminally dented by the weeks surrounding the EU Referendum. However, returning to his profession of journalism, he is writing some wise words.

His parliamentary site is here.

Wikipedia profile here.

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