Bob Dylan’s Nobel Lecture @bobdylan #writing

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize lecture has just been published, transcript and audio, on the Academy’s site, here ( In it he describes his early influences and the the books that informed him. He outlines three major influences: Moby Dick, All Quiet On The Western Front and Homer’s Odyssey. Throughout, the language is rich and lyrical and Dylan’s […]

More Imelda May – @ImeldaOfficial

    A few more videos of the incomparable Imelda May, from her album Life Love Flesh Blood. What an incredible voice. T Bone Burnett is the producer and his hand is obvious.  

Classic Dr. Feelgood

The classic Brilleaux / Johnson line-up on home turf: I prefer the later, Gypie Mayo line-up but there’s no denying the raw energy of the original. The band’s site is here.

Jerry Garcia’s Wolf – @gratefuldead

The BBC reports that Wolf, one of Garcia’s distinctive custom-built guitars is coming up for auction

Inside the song – @Fender

Sultans of Swing, Smoke on the Water, With or Without You? All recorded with Fender Strats. I’ve just discovered this seemingly ad hoc series on the site: Inside the Song. Each post looks inside an iconic song recorded with a Fender guitar, with interviews, performances and recordings. Ones I’ve enjoyed so far: Sultans of Swing […]

Rock and roll rhetoric: Searching for a Heart

“They say love conquers all You can’t start it like a car You can’t stop it with a gun.” Searching for a Heart (Zevon), Warren Zevon What a great line. Everyone, since the Roman poet Virgil, knows that love conquers all, but no-one explains why … until Zevon states the obvious, timeless truth in his […]

Making Movies (on location, she don’t know it means)

Kurt’s Cultural Offering recommends Dire Straits third album, Making Movies, here. I’d heartily support that. I saw the band on that tour with Hal Lindes on rhythm guitar. I guess they looked a bit like this … I remember that gorgeous red Schecter Strat and Hal Lindes’ white one.

Music Break

So much great music from various great bloggers: Steve Layman has the legendary Leon Russell Rob at the Hammock Papers has Keith Richards from his sublime first album, Talk is Cheap The Hammock Papers also has Steve Winwood playing a solo, acoustic version of Can’t Find My Way Home Kurt’s Cultural Offering has his continuing […]

Rock and roll rhetoric: If I Should Fall Behind

“We said we’d walk together baby come what may; that come the twilight, should we lose our way; if as we’re walkin’, a hand should slip free; I’ll wait for you and, should I fall behind, wait for me.” If I Should Fall Behind (Bruce Springsteen), Bruce Springsteen To hold the listener (or reader) in suspense, […]

Rock and roll rhetoric: How Does It Feel?

“Do you know, know, know what it’s like To be searchin’ in your own time? All your attempting, experimenting, all on the climb Do you know, know, know what it’s like To be searching and suddenly find All your illusion, all your confusion, all left behind?” How Does It Feel? (Holder, Lea), Slade With all […]

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